Want to get into more depth about inequality in NZ?

bwb7665textsinprintinequalitywebThe Inequality Debate: An Introduction

‘How we think about income gaps, and how we decide to address them, will do much to alter New Zealand’s levels of inequality in the years to come.’

Max Rashbrooke has re-issued the first two chapters of Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis as a separate pocket-sized book as part of the wonderful new series of BWB Texts.

This book is an ideal resource for church and community discussion groups or anyone interested in the inequality issue but can’t run to the price or reading length of the larger book.

Buy the book in hard copy or as an e-book from the publisher Bridget Williams Books. Visit their website www.bwb.co.nz/books/the-inequality-debate

Inequality cover webInequality: A New Zealand Crisis

edited by Max Rashbrooke

If you wish to get an in-depth and readable account of the breadth the issues of inequality in this country, reading the full book is vital. The strength of this book is the variety of voices and the range of proposals to reduce the gap between rich and the rest that has grown over recent decades.

Order through publisher Bridget Williams Books: http://www.bwb.co.nz/books/inequality

bwb7373robert-wade01Inequality and the West

by Professor Robert Wade

This is another chapter from the book that is available separately as an e-book. Professor Wade made a huge impact on his visit to New Zealand in 2013 and this short book brings together his key points about the rise of the very-rich “plutocracy” and the importance of tackling “pre-distribution” of incomes, having social and economic policies that hinder the ability of small group to capture too great a share of national wealth and income.

Order the book online through the BWB Texts series: www.bwb.co.nz/books/inequality-and-the-west

Inequality website snapInequality – a New Zealand Conversation

Follow the debate online on the www.inequality.org.nz  website. There is more information relating to the issues, upcoming events and a regular blog from Max Rashbrooke and other occasional contributors.