10 Good Ideas To Reduce Inequality

As a country we can choose to reduce inequality and we know that it will makes a better country for us all.

There a number of different things we can do to reducing inequality. Here are some ideas that we know will work and can be done now…

  1. A Universal Child Allowance of $60 per child each week would lift most children out of the worst of poverty
  2. Raise welfare benefits to the same level as NZ Super: This would eliminate the worst of poverty for all those who cannot work, just as it already does for those aged over 65
  3. Raise the minimum wage above $16 per hour: The current minimum wage is too low and leaves many hard working people in poverty
  4. More affordable rental housing: income-related rents make the different between poverty and getting by for thousands of social housing tenants.
  5. Adopt a living wage: firms and government choosing to pay all their employees above the Living Wage rate of $18.80 per hour
  6. Financial transactions tax
  7. High pay ratio of 8:1
  8. High income tax bracket, starting at $150,000 income
  9. Capital gains tax
  10. Wealth taxes: inheritance and death taxes

Read more details about these ideas at www.inequality.org.nz