What your organisation can do to reduce inequality

A community of change

Help build a community of change across the country. Share your ideas & actions with others in your area as well as publishing them on our Closer Together Facebook page. Build links in your region with others who are also working to reduce inequality in the Equality Network.

Host a meeting

Invite our team of experts – including Max Rashbrooke, author of Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis, Trevor McGlinchey and Paul Barber from NZCCSS – to speak to your staff & communities and discuss how you can take action to bring us all closer together. Email us at paul@closertogether.org.nz.

Every vote counts

Encourage the members of your organisation, staff, clients and/or members of your faith community to vote. We have posters you can get in our Closer Together toolkit. More than 800,000 people did not vote in the last election who could have – yet an election can be decided by just a few thousand votes.  Find out about enrolling on the 2014 General Election website.

Local actions that reduce inequality

Support community initiatives to promote more equality. Your organisation could support co-operatives & social enterprise such as no-interest loan (microfinance) schemes, time banks or community gardens. Such initiatives help create ways for people to build their income, wealth and skills and retain it in their communities.

Join the Living Wage campaign

You can sign up your organisation to the Living Wage campaign and support the principle of a living wage. A living wage is “the income necessary to provide workers and their families with the basic necessities of life. A living wage will enable workers to live with dignity and to participate as active citizens in society.” Many organisations, especially those receiving government funding, are not able to pay a living wage at present. Building support for the idea in this way helps to build the pressure to fund services so that people can receive a living wage. There are more than a hundred organisations signed up to support the living wage and since early 2014 employers can receive accreditation as Living Wage Employers.

Pay ratios

What is the ratio of highest to lowest paid in your organisation? A good way to reduce the income gap is to commit to setting a ration that links the highest rates of pay in an organisation to the lowest rates. The international initiative Wagemark sets a maximum ratio of 8:1. Read more about pay ratios.